Gluster: Geo-replication Fixes — #1


geo-replication start failed for <primary vol> <secondary host>::<secondary volume>
geo-replication command failed


Log File 📁

You can cat the above file and find the following error mentioned above.

Fix 🔧

  1. If it doesn’t work. Follow the following procedure:
root@user# cd /etc/ /etc/ vi myconfig.conf
  • Press I or Insert to start writing.
  • Add the following lines:
  • Press Esc
  • Type :wq and press Enter
  • Run the following command
root@user /etc/ ldconfig
  • You can also check the files:
root@user /etc/ ldconfig -v | less
  • If it shows the files, then you are done. 😄
  • Restart glusterd service
root@user # service glusterd restart
  • Now run the geo-replication volume start command
root@user # gluster volume geo-rep <primary vol> <secondary host>::<secondary volume> start [force]
Starting geo-replication session between <primary vol> & <secondary host>::<secondary volume> has been successful
  • Done 👍

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